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One of the most rare metals, gold, is admired by people all over the globe. Its beauty spans cultures across the entire history of humankind. All you see is stardust today, which is the result of a cosmic collision between black holes and neutron stars.

These powerful collisions produced the energy necessary to quickly bind lighter elements to heavier ones. Scientists believe that such an event occurred in the solar system's vicinity billions of years ago.Swiss Replica Watches This collision is likely to have led to the birth of our solar system.

The majority of gold found in Earth's crust and mantle are microscopic dust particles embedded within rock. Much less can be found in mines or in bedrock nuggets. Of all the gold varieties that can be found in nature, the most rare is crystalline.

The gold-bearing water that runs through rocks forms the material, which then creates veins on which the gold flakes are laid down. The largest single crystal of gold ever found was 217g in weight and it was worth more than USD1.5 million.

The U-Boat Replica Watches manufacture's research & development department discovered how to reproduce such crystalline forms by heating pure gold to 1064.Cartier Replica Watches This melts the metal and then rises until it encounters cooler conditions, where it crystallizes.